Do you want to add a little flair to your furniture? Painting stripes on furniture can add a touch of fun and a touch of class.

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The Best No Fuss Way Of Painting Stripesย On Furniture

I am a huge fan of painting stripes on furniture, I am NOT however, a fan of having to measure and pencil things. For this I am going to show you how you can paint stripes and not measure anything!! For this particular piece the colors used created a “ghost stripe” very subtle, however you can use whatever colors you want.

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Laying Down A Base Coat

The first step is to lay down your base coat. I used Caviar for my base coat on this piece. Again this piece with have “ghost stripes” so I am using two shades of a like color that will create a subtle stripe look.

Dixie Belle paint

Once your base coat is dried, you will use your painters tape to tape off and measure where your stripes of the second color (Midnight Sky)
will be.

Creating Stripes Without Measuring Tools

For this method I DO NOT use a ruler or pencil. I used painters tape to help guide my other pieces of tape so I have nice and straight stripes. The first piece of tape will go along one of the side edges.

painting stripes
You will want to rip/cut off three separate pieces of tape as your guiding markers. Put the three pieces right next to the first piece of tape. Top, middle, and bottom to ensure your next long piece of tape is straight. Note: there is a slight space on this piece because there was a small groove, normally your piece won’t have one and you will butt it right up against the first piece of tape. Continue this process down the entire side of your furniture.

painters tape

Dixie Belle paint

Painting Stripes

Once your tape is all in place, makes sure you burnish (run your hands along it) one last time. Therefore, you will not have any paint seepage under your tape. The second color for these “ghost stripes” is Midnight Sky. I used my oval small (OS) synthetic brush because it was the perfect size for each row. You will want to paint the areas that are not covered in tape.

Dixie Belle paint

Dixie Belle paint

Revealing Your Stripes!

The last step of this is to remove your tape. I removed my tape while it is still wet because I do not want it to dry and run the risk of getting stuck and pulling paint.

caviar chalk mineral paint

Once your paint is fully dry you can seal it however you like. I created a video for you on this technique as well. Check it out below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

That is all! Fast and easy and no tools!!! Let me know what you think below in the comments!!! Also check out the final product below โค๏ธ


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