It’s about time for a roundup of my favorite products for sealing painted furniture. I am going to breakdown my favorite Dixie Belle sealers and why!

My Favorite Top 5 Products For Sealing Painted Furniture

I have used a ton of other brands besides Dixie Belle, and there are great options out there to seal your painted furniture. Dixie Belle is by far my favorite though. This blog is going to go over my top 5 favorite Dixie Belle Paint Company products for sealing painted furniture. I will give you a list of my top 5 below. These are affiliate links but like always they do not cost you anything to use. They help support my small business and allows me to keep brining you free content.

I do want to note that Dixie Belle Paint does NOT require a topcoat but it does dry chalky and matte so if you want an different overall feel or look they have created a wide variety of top coats for you to use. Here are my top 5 favorites and why!

Product List: (in no particular order)

Howdy Doo Hemp Seed Oil

This product is great! It is food safe, has zero smell and gives you an almost velvety satin finish. I love this sealer because it is easy to apply and it is GREAT for darker colors. Black and Navy are difficult colors to get a great top coat on. I loveeeee the way this product looks over top of Dixie Belle’s Caviar especially, the end result is like a velvety piece of fabric.

You can use this product on cutting boards, counter tops, pieces for babies (cribs). A little bit goes a longggg way. I sealed the entire piece below with the Howdy Doo Hemp Seed Oil. It enriched the wood, made the caviar look flawless and protected the overall piece.


Big Mama’s Butta

Big Mam’s Butta is an amazing product. There are a few uses for it besides a top coat really. If you have a piece that has smell drawers, it will freshen them right up!! This product comes in three different scents. Suzanne’s Garden, Orange Grove and Unscented. I love this because the scent is not too overpowering. I have made it no secret that I am a migraine sufferer so its a very fine line for me between too much scent.
This is oil based and scented with essential oils. You can put it on raw wood, painted surfaces, use it as a deodorizer. I used it to completely refresh and transform this HUGE French wardrobe below.


Dixie Belle’s Satin Clear Coat

Satin is a favorite sheen among most people. This clear coat is so easy to use and the open time is perfect. It doesn’t dry too fast but also doesn’t stay open for a long time either. This formula is slightly thicker than the flat and gloss, but that makes it great to work with. You can use a damp sponge, sponge brush, or paint brush because this is water based!! You can even mist your surface first to help the clear coat glide a little better.  It is also possible to mix this with the paint to get a great final finish if you are using white or dark colors. See how I got the perfect white finish below!!

How To Perfectly Paint Furniture White

Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide

Gator Hide is a crowd favorite, for great reason! This tough top coat is water resistant and has a wonderful final finish. It gives an almost semi-gloss-satin finish. Is that even a thing? Well it is now! Many people love this product for high traffic areas. I always use this for my dresser tops , table tops,  and high traffic furniture tops! It’s super easy to use and did I mention it also sprays like a dream?

The Best And Easiest Way To Use Dixie Belle Gator Hide On Dark Paint

Easy Peasy Spray Wax

Last but certainly NOT least! This is my favorite sealer Dixie Belle offers. For a few reasons. One it is easy, and two it finishes off my boho style perfectly. I like the matte look that this wax gives my pieces. I do a TON of texture on furniture and this makes my life easy. All I have to do is spray rub in a little and call it good. It cures fast so I can do multiple layers in a shorter time. Dixie Belle was speaking my love language with this product!!

What do you think? What is YOUR favorite topcoat?? Do you like Dixie Belle or do you have another favorite go to??
Let me know what you think or love in the comments!!