Take a boring old blanket chest and transform it into an awesome statement piece!! Learn to blend, use transfers, and decor stamps for boho decor.

You Need To See This Extreme Blanket Chest Makeover

When my friend dropped off this blanket chest to me, I thought “O man, can I really do something with this?” She gave me the color scheme she wanted and I just rolled with it, “aquas and yellows” she said.  I did some blending, added Iron Orchid Decor Transfers and Iron Orchid Decor Stamps! I hope you like this transformation as much as myself and my client do!! (Everything I used is listed below, you can simply click and it will take you right where you need to purchase)

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Supply List

Preparing Your Furniture

No matter what you do, you need to prep your furniture. For this chest I cleaned really well with Dixie Belle’s White Lightning. I also removed all of the hardware.

Base Coat Before Blending Paint

Do you want to learn how to blend chalk paint? I always put down a base coat of paint prior to blending. Starting from the top to bottom, I used Mermaid Tail, The Gulf, Rebel Yellow, and Daisy. I have always said I cannot explain exactly HOW to blend in writing. I put together a great blog on my top tips and I also have put together a video about this piece. You will be able to find the video below at the bottom of this blog post.

Iron Orchid Decor Transfer

Iron Orchid Decor Transfers (IOD) are a wonderful way to add character to your furniture and home decor pieces. With this brand of decor transfers you must apply them to fully cured- fully dried paint. Any residual moisture that is in paint (sometimes it seems dry but isn’t) will affect adhesion. Because Dixie Belle doesn’t cure until 30 days, I waited 24 hours and applied satin clear coat. As a result this is the best surface to apply IOD transfers.  Once I burnished the transfer with the stick, I also used a soft towel and high grit sanding sponge. I sealed over top of the transfer with satin clear coat.

Creating More Depth With Decor Stamps

I wanted to add some more character on the side of the blanket chest with the IOD Decor Stamp called Bohemia. Using the white ink from IOD, I created a border on the top and bottom of each side. I just pushed the stamp with the ink pad and then carefully placed the stamp over the piece. Using light pressure I “stamped” the piece and then carefully pulled it away. You will want to wait 24 hours to seal the stamp.

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Here is the final result, I hope you love it!!