Do you want to learn how to paint the perfect stripes? Maybe create an awesome painted desk makeover? Look no further, check this out for some awesome tips!

You Need To See This Striped Desk Makeover With Chalk Paint

I wanted to create a painted desk makeover with the perfect mixture of blonde wood and minty freshness. This desk is actually pecan wood which made it super easy to get the blonde wood. If you had a darker wood you would probably need to use a wood bleach. I want to show you how I did this and how I created the subtle stripes. I also used Wood-U-Bend moldings to finish off the look.

Below is a list of supplies I used for this super cute little makeover!

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Supply List


Before Of The Desk


Getting Down To The Blonde

Remember before I said this piece was pecan. Pecan is naturally a lighter wood. I stripped down the top, legs and bottom so it would expose the blonde wood. If you have a darker wood they do have wood bleach, IF you do decided to use that be sure to read the directions carefully and even YouTube a few videos. I used my surf prep sander to strip the wood down, you can use your choice of sander or chemical stripper as well. I started with a 120 grit and because this was older it was perfect for getting the old finish off.


Plugging Hardware Holes And A Base Coat

I wanted to change the hardware so I needed to plug the holes with my Dixie Mud. Once it was dry I sanded the mud. I wanted to be able to see a white shade under the mint after I distressed it. Therefore, I painted a base coat of Sawmill Gravy.

plugging hardware holes


The Best Wood Filler For Your Furniture Hardware Holes

Getting Minty Fresh

After the Sawmill Gravy dried thoroughly, I painted a coat of Mint Julep.

mint julep paint desk

Tape On- Tape Off

I do not measure when I am doing thinner lines, instead I use the tape to help guide me. The first step is to tape off the first line that I wanted to keep Mint Julep. Once I had my initial tape marker, I then used two smaller piece of tape that I put up against the first line. This allows me to measure the lines evenly. Once I place the two smaller piece I did another full piece against those. Then I removed the two pieces and placed them on the other side of the full tape. You will repeat this process all the way across. The taped areas will be the color of your base coat, the exposed will be whatever color you choose to paint.

Sea Glass Stripes

I chose Sea Glass to be the other stripe color. Once everything was taped I went ahead and painted Sea Glass over the exposed stripes. Afterwards, and once I had everything painted, I carefully removed the tape. If you have any bleeding under, you can use an artist brush to touch up.

Adding Flair To Your Painted Desk Makeover

The next step was to add some Wood-U-Bend moulding to the top two drawers. I just outlined the drawers with the rope trim. You will want to heat up your moulding so you can do a dry fit, then cut. Once you have cut and measured you will use wood glue to apply.

Wax On Wax Off!

The last step in this desk makeover was applying white wax. I applied the white wax all over the piece but I applied heavier wax on the blonde wood and trim. I applied the wax with a wax brush and then wiped it back with a soft rag.

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